Kaiju EP

by Bisector

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released November 20, 2015



all rights reserved



Slam harder than Mecha King Ghidorah.


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Track Name: Rise
Rising from the sea, trembling beneath the beast
Rising from the sea, here to claim our great city
Oh my god, what have we done
Who did we anger to call this horror unto us
Run, running scared
Nothing left, nothing left but despair
Bone, flesh
Nothing left, nothing left
Stop of all progress
Nothing left but dirt
End of a species
Darkness closing in
When does it end, why won't it end
Track Name: Flee
Flee, run as fast as you can
Nothing can get you away from this terror
It's all futile
Hide, scared
Dig your own grave
Just accept it
In mere moments you'll be nothing but dust
Bask in it's glory
It radiates fear
Embrace the behemoth, your end is here
Mother's tears run down her cheek
As she loudly weeps over her child
Old and young are left abandoned
Weights that just slow you down
It's looking up, no looking back
It's looking up, no looking back
You look over shoulder, it's looking back
You look over shoulder, it's looking back
And so we've come to the end of the road
You sit and cower
All hope is gone
You've got that sinking feeling
It's almost over
As it approaches, darkness closing in
Your end
Burnt flesh, trapped souls
Gnawed, gnashed in it's maw
Piles of dead trapped in the glass
End of a species called the human race
All of their souls trapped in the glass
End of a species called the human race
Mother nature's sent her hangman
And he's come to collect his necks
Track Name: Reign
Life, what a laughable concept
Hope, the most unobtainable
Come the serpent, oh death will reign
The many headed beast turns all to glass
Feasting on fear and sorrow
Savoring hope for last
Despair, soak it in
Hope seeping out through every orifice
Feeding on the fear
Gorging on the innocents
Black sun and bloody skies
Came the serpent, oh death does reign
Harvesting the pure for the sacrifice
Black sigils carved in to the flesh
Eyes of the beast soak in the scene
Bloody earth surrounds this black cathedral
Altars of glass feasting on flesh
Pure madness
Carve up expecting mother to get the freshest meat
The pure unborn
An offering to the many headed beast
Madness, chaotic and discordant
Surrounding entropy
Madness, chaotic and discordant
Surrounding entropy
Soak it in, feel it coursing through you
Hope is dead, a decaying corpse
Breath it in, just feel it taking over
Just give in, this is inevitable
Seeping in, feel it slithering through you
Carve them all, it wants its pound of flesh
In your head, just tell me, tell me, tell me
What to do
I'll bleed them all
Came the serpent, oh death does reign
Came the serpent, oh death does reign
Came the serpent, oh death does reign
Came the serpent, oh death does reign
Death does reign
Track Name: Resist
March on
I'll have no division in the ranks
Come on, show us that you've got some spine
Tonight we march into glorious battle
Show me the fire in your eyes
Do not dally, for the behemoth looms on the horizon
Breathing death, snuffing life
Setting our whole world alight
Seas of glass sit where cities once stood
Mass graves to our arrogance
Tonight we gaze back into death's eyes
Do you want to live forever
We've got souls cast in iron
We are immovable objects
We won't go quietly into the night
No, we won't go quietly
That beast thinks us nothing but worms
It only wants to make and watch us squirm
Think of the fallen trapped in the glass
Face frozen horror with the soul unable to pass
We've seen hells scorched into innocents
Light turned to dark, all's gone up in flame
Young and old have given up the ghost
Put to rest by the ones who love them most
People have given in to the fear and the pain
And I can't say that I fucking blame them
Arm munitions, bring out the guns
Artillery shells will blot out the sun
Send in the jets, reigning daggers from the sky
Set up all ships to point their guns to starboard side
Troops will be designating targets from the ground
We're green across the board
Push through it
Fear's only in the mind
We've got it
There's nowhere left to hide
Let loose the talons
I want it's fucking head

Failure, hope's out of reach
Now there's nothing left to stop this ravenous beast
Track Name: Kaiju
Hope, so easily cast aside
Life, so easily taken
Blood, I want all of it drained
I want the wet meat
I'll take everything
Hope is a lie I've institutionalized
So when I come the death tastes much sweeter
Gloom, I'll turn you against your kind
Doom, bring me the lambs to slaughter
Pain, sigils engraved in flesh
Death, endless souls to feast
Herding lambs to the sacrifice
Meat tears, spread and beat
I want to taste their screams
Glass and ash are the only things you know now
Despair and suffering are the only things you can feel now
Light fades, drained by black suns
Death reigns as air leaves your lungs
And in these final moments, the smile of a thief
You gaze into the eyes of the beast
That sinking feeling, you realize
There is no god but me