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March on
I'll have no division in the ranks
Come on, show us that you've got some spine
Tonight we march into glorious battle
Show me the fire in your eyes
Do not dally, for the behemoth looms on the horizon
Breathing death, snuffing life
Setting our whole world alight
Seas of glass sit where cities once stood
Mass graves to our arrogance
Tonight we gaze back into death's eyes
Do you want to live forever
We've got souls cast in iron
We are immovable objects
We won't go quietly into the night
No, we won't go quietly
That beast thinks us nothing but worms
It only wants to make and watch us squirm
Think of the fallen trapped in the glass
Face frozen horror with the soul unable to pass
We've seen hells scorched into innocents
Light turned to dark, all's gone up in flame
Young and old have given up the ghost
Put to rest by the ones who love them most
People have given in to the fear and the pain
And I can't say that I fucking blame them
Arm munitions, bring out the guns
Artillery shells will blot out the sun
Send in the jets, reigning daggers from the sky
Set up all ships to point their guns to starboard side
Troops will be designating targets from the ground
We're green across the board
Push through it
Fear's only in the mind
We've got it
There's nowhere left to hide
Let loose the talons
I want it's fucking head

Failure, hope's out of reach
Now there's nothing left to stop this ravenous beast


from Kaiju EP, released November 20, 2015
Paul Hannum - Guitars/Bass
Cole Pratt - Vocals
Jake Cullison - Drums

Mixed and Mastered by Paul Hannum at Westward Recordings



all rights reserved



Slam harder than Mecha King Ghidorah.


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